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New York’s Cemeteries. Gallery. 2011-2012.

New York’s cemeteries are one of its best-kept secrets. Showing the footprints of all cultural and artistic periods, they give a different historical view of the city. As eternal witnesses of change, they tell stories of times past engraved in the tombstones.

I have been taking photographs of the graveyards in New York, mostly Woodlawn and Green-Wood for over a year, looking for changes in seasons and trying to capture their quiet, unique allure.


Superstorm Sandy Aftermath. Gallery. November 2012.

On the days after superstorm Sandy hit New York City, I toured three boroughs to document how they were affected. Here are a few samples of a relief action in Red Hook, Brooklyn; the damage to the town of Belle Harbor in Queens, and the eerie view of a black out lower Manhattan from Brooklyn promenade.



Bright-Lights City: Recently-Arrived Artists on New York. Audio Slideshow. November 2011.

Frank Sinatra sang that if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. For artists around the world, New York holds the promise of inspiration, challenge and reward.

Four of them recently arrived in New York to attend the School of Visual Arts. All less than three months in the city, and while they navigate the intricate ins & outs of their MFA’s first semesters, they reflect on what New York promised, means and might give to them.