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Music of Changes: Surviving the Spanish Recession. November 2012.
Roles: Producer, Reporter, Editor.

A year ago, Diego Rodríguez, M.A., was made redundant in his office. He found himself without any savings or job prospects, so the 27-year-old had to pack his bags, and left his apartment in Madrid to move back to his parents’ in his hometown, Vigo, an industrial city in the northwest of Spain.

While he adjusts to the changes and figures out the next step, he takes comfort in the forgotten pleasures of home: more quality time with the family, familiar streets and old friends – at least the ones that are left, since they belong to the so-called “lost generation” of Spaniards: appalled by the financial crisis, they have fled to try their luck elsewhere.

But one of the things he is grateful for is revisiting his favorite bars, among which is La Iguana, a beloved concert venue that has been around since the 1980s.

La Iguana is a legend in Vigo’s nightlife, but recently the crisis has begun to touch them, too. The once raging bar has become an almost-empty space, and rumors of closing have started to spread around the city. Owner Billy King mentions a drop in revenues, but stays positive that “this is just another bump along the road, and we will overcome it as we have before.”

Investing in Photography: An Interview with Christopher Hunt. October 2012.
Roles: Producer, Reporter, Editor.

Welsh-born travel photographer Christopher Hunt explains how he left a successful career in investment banking in Australia to pursue an MFA in New York.

219West: NYC Growing Green. June 2012.
Aired by CUNY TV on June 13, 2012 as part of 219West Ep. 28: New York Goes Green.
Roles: Producer, Anchor, Reporter, Narrator, Editor.

The effort to make New York a greener city is taking innovators and environmentalists to unexpected places. On roofs and sidewalks, on concrete and asphalt, greenery is sprouting. The green trend is moving forward, literally: visionary Marco Castro wants to put gardens on top of city buses.

219West: Greek Youth Migration. March 2012.
Aired by CUNY TV on March 14, 2012 as part of  219West Ep. 25: Mandating Reform: The Healthcare Debate.
Roles: Reporter.

As the economy crumbles back home, some Greeks are trying to get a fresh start in New York.


Strawberry Fields Forever. December 2011.
Roles: Reporter, Narrator, Editor.

December 8th is the day New York remembers the death of John Lennon. It’s been thirty-one years since the Beatles front man was shot dead outside the Dakota Hotel in Central Park West. Since then, fans from around the world meet at the Strawberry Fields sign to express their love to the fallen working class hero.

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