Patricia is an award-winning bilingual journalist and travel writer. Her pieces have been dispatched from a dozen countries in four continents, and have appeared in publications such as Newsweek, The Atlantic-Quartz, Roads & Kingdoms, Univisión, the New York Daily News and the Sydney Morning Herald, as well as several print, TV and radio outlets in Spain and Latin America. Her Spanish portfolio is available here.

Her work has received accolades from the Overseas Press Club, the Society of Professional Journalists of New York and Harvard University.

In a previous life she tried her hand at a myriad things, from whipping capuccinos in Sydney's North Shore to receiving former Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon as part of the United Nations team in Brussels to teaching English to university students in Mexico City. Born and raised in Spain, she has called home places like France, Australia, Belgium, South Africa, the U.S., Peru and Mexico.

Patricia obtained two B.A.s from Universidad Complutense de Madrid, one in Media Studies and another in Translation and Interpreting; and an M.A. in International Journalism from the City University of New York.

Patricia learned English in Sydney and became fluent in New York, and today speaks the language with a mix of U.S. and Australian words. She is also fluent in French, Portuguese and her native Castilian Spanish, with the odd Mexican expression thrown in for good measure.